Saturday, February 28, 2009

Birthday Day

So I haven't made much mention of my birthday ahead of time because I have been trying to ignore its arrival. After the age of 21 I started getting apprehensive about getting older. Now I am rapidly approaching the big 3-0 while often still stuck at 17. Except I am already looking into botox. And I am not looking for sympathy or fishing for compliments, so don't bother.
You can make me smile, however, by buying me a gift. *grin* I also have a Dommiversary coming up on April 25 so if you'd rather not get me a late bday gift, then you can get me an early Dommiversary present. hee

I am only going for gift certificates and gift cards this year. If you want to get me something that I might actually need around the house (sheets, comforter, new mattress, new DVD player, lingerie chest, video camera, etc.) then Amazon gift card would be the way to go.
The email is
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Thursday, February 26, 2009


So I shot with Lady Cheyenne for ClubDom for the first time a couple weeks ago. I have to say that it was all I had hoped for and more. Cheyenne is a very gracious host, inspirational Domme, and all around a sweet and classy Woman.
I have admired Lady Cheyenne and her work for years now. I have been flattered by the fact that she has been trying to get to shoot for ClubDom for quite a while. Well I finally got up the nerve to make the trip. It helped that I was able to recruit Mistress Aurora and an old slave of mine, both people I know I have good energy with.

All 8 vids have been released on Clips4sale -Cruel & Unusual FemDom.

Canes for Pain
Mistress Varla and Aurora size up their caning bitch. Varla looks the bitch straight in the eye and tells him, on no uncertain terms, that they are going to cane him without mercy. The ladies proceed to deliver a brutal and unforgiving caning. Stroke after vicious stroke, the ladies smile as the bitch wanes and moans. There are well over 100 cane strokes in this highly intense video.

3 Minutes in CBT Hell
Mistress Varla and Aurora have their slut bound and helpless. His balls are history. They are going to destory his worthless nuts today. The ladies cane his balls. When purple bruises arise, Varla picks up his balls and squeezes them, laughing. Just when the slut thinks he might escape with his balls, Varla announces that next...they are going to kick his nuts. Then she gives him another cane stroke and smiles.

Bad Luck Balls
Varla and Aurora have just beaten their bitch's balls with crop and cane. Now the ladies will destroy his nuts with brutal blows to his balls. They fire off a round of kicks to the slut's nuts. As he falls to his knees, they continue kicking his helpless nuts. Just as the slut is a crumbled heap on floor, thinking he is done, Varla casually walks around, grabs his nuts and nails him one more time.

By his Ankles Whipping
Mistress Varla and Aurora have their slut strung upside down by his ankles. They crack their whips and taunt the slut. Then, they go in for the first strike. Varla and Aurora have their way with this slut as he dangles by his ankles. The ladies enjoy every cruel lash.

Punishment of the Balls
Mistress Varla and Aurora have their slut in a cage with his balls locked helplessly before him. The ladies whip and cane his balls. Instant purple bruises rise up. Varla's face lights up and she squeezed his tender balls tightly. Auroa laughs. She informs the slut to get used to the pain. His balls are going be punished every morning for the rest of his life. The ladies deliver several more strokes to the slut's balls, smiling all the while.

Toy Balls
Varla and Aurora have their play toy naked and fitted with a leather hood. The play toy cannot see or hear. There is no way for his helpless balls to be protected. Varla and Aurora smile as they put him in position and remove their shoes. They are going to kick, punch, knee, squeezse and enjoy their toy's ball. Heck, they may even destory his balls if it so suits them. The ladies kick their toy as he is made to stand up right with his hands on his head. When the toy falls to his knees, They deliver blows to his balls from behind. When the slut falls to the floor, Aurora grabs up his balls and Varla stomps on them. All the while, the ladies are smiling and giving each other high fives. They know, this slave's balls are their toys. This is one of the most erotic yet cruel ball busting videos we have ever filmed. Varla and Aurora's pure joy in busting balls is very clear.

Caned to Tears
Mistress Varla and Aurora have their bitch bent over the bed. They deliver brute force cane strokes, one after another. The ladies are quite serious in the correction of this bitch. The caning is long and severe. By the end the slut is litterally crying.

Lick Cum from her Boots
Mistress Varla has noticed one of her stable sluts lusting after her boots. She calls him in and ridicules him for being such a slut. Then She instructs the slut to spill his male filth on her boots. Varla and Aurora watch as the slut jerks off and shoots his load all over Varla's boots. "Lick up your mess!" Varla demands. The slut licks his cum off her boots. Aurora grabs the slut by the back of his head and picks up his face, which is now dripping with his own cum. The ladies laugh at him for being such a slut.