Friday, May 29, 2009


So I watched the recent MenInPain video with Flower Tucci (yes I actually pay for porn too) and I have to say I now have a full on fascination with squirting. Flower is apparently known for her squirting, but this was the first time I had seen her in action. Let me say, she lives up to her reputation! She erupted like a fire hydrant all over the guy's face more times than I could count.
The first scene that got me though was the first time she did it: the guy was kneeling before her and she was standing defiantly in front of him, one foot propped up. She began vigorously rubbing herself and in a matter of seconds there was a gushing noise and she was immediately squirting all over the guys face. It wasn't done in a particularly seductive was kind of like she was doing it just because she could. It was the equivalent of a guy jerking off over a girl and cumming violently all over her face, just because he could. It was a total role reversal and I loved it.
I did some online research...I knew there had to be more to it than just rubbing the Gspot (if you don't know about this already then I shun you) and I did find a bit more information. The women who claimed they could squirt describe a brief sensation of having to pee right before it happens. They say that you have to go with that feeling and let go, and it will happen.
Because I have heard Mme Sade in her coaching of a newbie on how to have an anal orgasm, this is exactly what I tell newbies when trying to describe how to achieve anal orgasms- "when you feel like you have pee, that means you are if you relax and go with that feeling then you can have your first anal orgasm." So after my further research into squirting, I am even more convinced that Gspot orgasms and anal aka Pspot orgasms are equivalent.
Now some claim that only some women are blessed with the ability to just naturally squirt. Others say that you can train yourself to squirt. I believe that a good majority of the women out there have the ability to squirt and they just don't know it. I mean, most guys can be trained to have an anal orgasm. Some just have to work harder to achieve it.
It's a different feeling than a regular orgasm in both cases. You won't actually pee unless your bladder is overly full. For men in particular, I think it is almost physically impossible to pee. So one just has to get used to that having-to-pee feeling during sex, relax, and go for it. Seems like magical things happen.
So I am convinced that I can also train myself to squirt. And I aspire to squirt. I won't turn it into an Olympic sport, but the idea of squirting in some one's face just because I can is highly appealing. It is similar to the idea of pissing in a guy's face, but different...even more intimate. Not something that I am looking for volunteers for, so don't bother.

Yet More Video News

I posted this in a ballbusting forum today:

"So I was doing this video today and the guy was laying down, tied spread eagle to a piece of bondage furniture. I was doing all methods of torture to his balls using my hands, feet, knees and ass (I sat on them and ground them), and at one point I ended up sitting between his legs, facing his balls. It suddenly occurred to me to cup under them with one hand and start smacking them with the back of my other hand. It made a nice sound. I said something like "ooh look I'm bitch slapping your balls!" Then I began bitch slapping repeatedly. I really do like the sound- it makes a different sound than when I'm smacking with the palm of my hand. I also think it hurt more, because not only was the guy reacting more but I noticed my fingers were a little curved which caused my knuckles to drive into the balls with each slap. I also tried just back hand slapping the balls while they were free. That's fun too. In all my years of ballbusting, I never realized how fun it was to bitch slap a guy's balls."

I shot a couple solo ballbusting videos for my own company. There was a lot of anxiety involved as I feel the need to oversee everything and can be a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to aesthetics. Overall, though, it was liberating to shoot a video for myself for a change. I didn't have to worry about pleasing anyone but myself, and got to do exactly what I wanted with someone I enjoy playing with. Which is how it should be all the time.
Of course the videos had to do with ballbusting of every sort. These videos fit perfectly into one of the main themes of my company- physical Domination. I look forward to many more videos along these lines, and I hope my partner in crime, Mistress Aurora, can join me again. Contrary to popular belief we are not ONE entity, but I must say that we kick major as when we're together.

Screen shots to come soon...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Ballbusting Lovers

I recently worked with a site for all those who just love to see a woman kick/knee a man in the balls. Straight, no frills ballbusting for all enthusiasts. Not only do I love doing it, but I love to see it too. I love how they do replays and slow down the speed for all the best strikes. Never do I get to see myself kick from quite that perspective. I found myself mesmerized by...myself. I think my aim and balance + snap kicks just gets better and better over time.

I do hope to work with Velvet Kick again. Perhaps bring a friend. I am told that they are one of the original ballbusting sites...even pre- clips4sale ( ) You can't really beat that.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Quick Update

I joined twitter. I can be found there as MistressVarla. I am enjoying it, actually.

I've been getting back into doing videos again. Ball busting also. I worked with a different company for the first time. I'll let you know if/when the videos are posted. My experience was a positive one.

Since Aurora and I make videos for so many other people, we decided that wanted to make videos for ourselves. We've started that process.

I have decided that it would be nice to start a Female owned and run kink empire...with the help of male slaves too, of course. :)
One step at a time, but I figure that doing videos for myself and a Dominant Female partner is a good start.

I really need new photos soon. I am looking into it. My hair is still bright red and I still have bangs. I am just a year older and have lots of new fetish clothing. :)