Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Oldies but Goodies

Here is an old set I did for an Art major's project. Her name is Olga Zeltser and she has since shot with other known Dommes. I wasn't able to post them on the Dungeon site, and my Mysapce got deleted a long time ago, so I'll post them here.

Human Furniture

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I hope the day never comes where I feel I have to go back to working at a dungeon. I think the current climate...the closing of number of successful dungeons and the feeling of sucks. On the other hand I feel that things, at least in our small piece of the universe-they all have a reason for being. Call it destiny, fate, kismet, whatever. I believe in basic positive and negative energy.
In the grand scheme of things, everything must have a balance. Yin and Yang. Take nature for example-it is a very delicate balance. One teeny tiny thing gets thrown off and it has a chain reaction. Why do we have global warming? Because we have been abusing the planet and throwing things off balance for decades, causing a chain reaction that could ultimately end in our own destruction. This is not just a theory. Study some basic ecology, if you think global warming doesn't or can't exist. Everything, including us humans, has a role on this planet. Things that don't ultimately fit into the grand scheme of things, they don't survive natural selection. Those that do survive and have survived-they each have a role to fill. I could give more examples, but I don't want to lose my original train of thought.
I'm sure you're wondering at this point what all of this has to do with BDSM and dungeons. I'm getting there. :) So, lets apply these principles to other things.
**I may jump ahead now so I hope you're able to make the connections. I am not the best writer**
Let's say BDSM exists for a reason. Now, I believe people are predisposed to be kinky, and it is a combination of some nature and a lot of nurture. These predilections have existed for longer than D/s and S/m were founded, and thus far kink has failed to be weeded out and eradicated. In fact, it has only grown bigger and stronger. It has survived natural selection, so to speak.
Within the worldwide, universal kink community exists a million subsets. For each niche there exists a community and for each community a niche, and so on. Which brings us to the New York kink community. I am including Professional Domination in the New York kink community.
With regards to Professional Domination in NYC, I believe things were thrown off balance. Money, and basically the business aspect began to take priority over passion and genuine kink. People are free to believe that the New York kink community is being eaten away by intolerance, or politics, or whatever the current theory is, but I believe that fundamentally things have disintegrated because the balance was thrown off. And It probably all started with one teeny tiny little thing. Negativity slowly began to take the place of the positive things of this community.
So if we want the current state of things to change, people need to contribute more positive things to this community. All of these alliances and all of this backbiting only adds to the negativity that has taken over. Some of the love, the passion, and ultimately the "heart" of BDSM needs to be put back into Pro Domination and the community. And in the quest for the all mighty dollar, these things have been forgotten and left behind.

All of this is coming from someone who has only had an awareness of and interest in BDSM for 11-12 years. On top of that, I have only been involved in the lifestyle and community for the past 4.5 years, approximately 3.5 of which have been spent in Professional Domination.

Above all, I am idealist, so I think things will get better. But I also feel that only this is possible if some of the authenticity of BDSM is put back into Professional Femdom. My ideal dungeon would be something like this:

-Female owned and operated. Or owned and operated by genuinely kinky men who have a real understanding of and respect for Females and Female Domination.

-Only genuinely kinky Females, or those with an honest interest and basic understanding of BDSM.
-Applicants should be required to write an essay regarding their experience, their interest in kink, their interest in Professional Domination, a basic summary of who they are as a person, and their goals as a Professional Dominant, etc. (There should be more included but I can't think of it at the moment.)

-There should be a 50/50 split between house and Domme. Domme should keep %100 of all her tips and not even have to report them.

-Domme should get some sort of compensation for any new client she personally brings in or refers to the house.

-There should be a training program that is continually refined and improved upon.

-New equipment is constantly being researched and purchased.

-Extreme safety/health measure are taught and used at all times.

-Constant measures are taken to assure camaraderie among employees, and open communication between employees and employers.

-Interpersonal romantic relationships strongly discouraged.

-No hierarchy amongst those employed.

-All employees encouraged to be a part of and be up to date with the community.

That's all I have for now. BTW, this is not in any way a jab at my previous employers (I consider them friends) or the House. I am extremely grateful for the chance I was given, the experiences I had, and the training I received. Again, these are ideals. And some of the things I listed were things that were already in place at the Dungeon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Back In Town

I enjoyed my UK vacation in the sense that it was nice to be with family and relaxing to be away from the every day routine of stress and anxiety. Other than checking out every sale on every shopping street known in London, I didn't do much. The new grandmother is a fantastic cook so I got spoiled with home coked meals and put on some weight. Having to buy new jeans was a good indicator.
I have many goals for this next year and quite a few things I have to do and money I have to save before I achieve them. I am planning to put myself out there a lot more as a Pro Domme, at least for this next year. I suppose it will be a true test of whether being Pro really pays off for me. And I don't even mean financially. It really does have its moments...though at times they can be few and far between.
I actually look forward to new challenges and adventures.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Final Rapture Video

I present to you all: Pervert Nut-Kick Beat-Down!

What a great New Year's Eve present!

While this likely won't be my final video for Rapture that is released-I have a backlog of at least 4-6 more videos- it was the final video that I shot with Rapture and the final scene that Aurora and I did together there. When Rapture was unexpectedly shut down (everyone should know the story by now) Aurora and I bemoaned the fact that this video might never see the light of day. Us Dommes never got to see the footage of our work until the video was finally released.
The video really was a lot of fun to make. And shooting it was hilarious because it was the first time we had played with this guy. We knew he was a big guy, but we didn't expect how difficult it would be to push and wrestle around with him. Just trying to roll him over on the floor was a struggle and took the both of us. We couldn't stop laughing the entire time because it was just ridiculous that us two tiny girls were trying to beat up this guy that we could hardly budge. He wasn't fighting back much, of course, but he certainly wasn't helping us in the least. So the action was all real, raw and unscripted, as with a majority of my videos.
I always found that trying to plan or script a video put too much pressure on me and hindered not only my performance but the enjoyment I got out of the scene. And of course Rapture's style was always to make the scene as real and raw as possible, so that viewers felt they were actually getting a peek into an every day session at the Rapture dungeon. Of course many of the sessions we actually got weren't as heavy or action packed as the ones you see on video. Thus why we often jumped at opportunities to unleash our Sadism and get some aggression out.
I recall that in the beginning there were many complaints that the videos were all too "mean" and not nearly sensual enough. Well truth is, a good percentage of the sessions we got were more on the sensual side and didn't always fulfill our desires or fantasies.
One of the main reasons that I enjoyed making videos and made as many as I did was that I always had crazy things I wanted to try that I couldn't do in session. Mainly because I didn't want to scare away a new client or traumatize someone who was fairly new to the scene. I think, no I am pretty certain that, from watching my videos people have gotten the impression that I am some crazy bitch who just wants to kick balls all the time and kick them hard. I don't know how many times I have heard from subs, whether joking or not, that they were scared to see me because I am too heavy or they didn't want their balls kicked. Truth is, I am normally a mix of sensual, Sadistic, and playful.
For those who have gotten the guts to actually session with me for the first time, I have heard that I am actually a lot nicer and more sensual than they thought. There just happens to be another side of me that is more physical and aggressive and fantasizes about doing things like beating a guy to a bloody pulp. We all need to find some sort of balance in life, no? ;)