Sunday, July 5, 2009

Video News

First let me say that if you want to be more regularly up to date with me then I suggest you break down, join Twitter and add me as MistressVarla. Do it. I am a twitter addict, so you will get more than your fill of me.

I've been a busy little bee this year as far as videos go. I still have a lot of things in the works, but I will save those for another time.
Here are the highlights:

The Keeper
This is, without doubt, one of the BEST ball kicking videos of all times. Varla receives a phone call that her 2pm video slave interview has arrived. As the slave walks in, Varla askes sweetly if he is ready to be her ball busting slave. Before the boy can utter a word, Varla rises out of her chair and nails him in the nuts. It is a brute force blow. Varla stands up and delivers blow after blow with her spikey high heel shoes. She knees the slut, punches his balls and when he falls to the floor, she drags him back up and starts in all over again. The number of kicks this slave takes to his balls is mind blowing, but they keep coming and Varla is more than happy to dish them out. Varla is getting worked up and removes her shoes. She motions for the slut to open his legs for her stocking feet. She promptly drops him with a brute force kick. When the slave is finally collasped on the floor, unable to to even twitch, Varla grabs his balls and punches them. Then she settles back in her chair and picks up the phone. "Hold my calls for the rest of the day. This one is a keeper."

I just like the way my ass and legs look in this video. Plus I make his balls bleed a little bit and we had to end things because he said he felt like he was going to pass out or throw up. I forget which. It's called Targeted for Destruction

Then about a month ago I went to shoot with Club Dom again for the most fabulous kink weekend ever. This was a different location. A luxurious log cabin in the woods, near the mountains with a lovely view of them. I got to meet Jean Bardot and to shoot with her and Mistress Tatiana (who is also a sweetie and has a sexy Russian accent). It was a lot of fun. We did a few military themed videos, and then riding (horseback minus the horses) themed videos- both with fetishized outfits to match. A few videos were shot outdoors, which I had done once before but not in such a beautiful location. There were many slaves around to assist between takes, and also to meet all of our needs and whims the entire weekend. It really was a fantasy come true. It never really felt like work. It was, again, a fabulous experience. And as far as play- I had a few new experiences that I had only previously fantasized about, and I can only say that I am so happy to have them all on tape.

FemDom Kicking
Jean Bardot, Tatiana and Mistress Varla inspect give a stable slave the ball busting of his life! These ladies do not let up on this slut's balls, delivering blow after brute force blow. They kick and punch the slut's aching nuts until he can no longer stand and then, they kick him even more. These ladies know how to enjoy a set of helpless balls.

Beat Him Up
Varla storms in and grabs her pathetic slave by the scruff of his neck. She draws back and punches him dead on in the face. She continues to punch this slut as she shoves him around, daring him to fall. Eventually the slave falls to the floor and Varla begins kicking him. She doesn't let up. When the slave makes too much noise, Varla puts duct tape over his mouth and punches him in the face again. The slave slides down the wall and falls into a heap on the floor. Varla stands over him, smirks and kicks him in the nuts with full force.

And my absolute favorite whipping video to date:

Enjoy Her Whip
Mistress Varla has her boy toy stung upside down. She cracks her single tail whip and ask's her toy if he is ready for a little fun. Varla certainly is. She proceeds to lay into the bitch with her single tail, whipping him from head to toe and front to back. Varla is radiant as she puts her boy though the paces. By the end of this intense whipping, Varla flashes her amazing smile and says to the trembling slut, "You enjoyed suffering for me." *This 11 1/2 minute video is reduced in price. As HOT as the action is, the lighting is little off at times. Mistress Varla is absolutely amazingy. This is a video worth seeing and then some.*

Here is what Hoodman hadto say about the experience:

"i got to the house quite late as i was confused with NY driving, as i am a Southern Californian driver. Still when i got there W/we got started in a few minutes. my first scene was with Mistress Varla where i was hung upside-down and made Her whipping post, the chest marks i still have are pretty nice."

"...Now i love filming BDSM, primarily because i'm a film major, but also because you get to spend a lot of time serving the Mistresses in between takes and you get to know Them as i had great talks with Mistress Tatiana and Mistress Varla (She's one of my fav up and coming Mistresses). Also these Women seem to hold attraction for me, curvy, but still slim and lovely in figure..."

I have also begun collaborating with one of my favorite guys, subkev, of Wreck Your Head Media. Here is the first vid that he has released. I am doing what I do best.

Testicle Torment
Wreck Your Head Media Is proud to present to you the Ballbusting Queen herself....Petite Dynamite Mistress Varla.
Mistress Varla has her slave bound to a bondage bed spread eagle with his balls exposed and ready for abuse. She wastes no time and immediately gets to work. Slapping, kneeing, punching, nothing is left out. Mistress Varla enjoys giving this slave her signature "ball backhanded bitch slap". When this slave thinks his torment might be over Mistress unleashes one last hellacious kick leaving him thriving in agonizing pain.
Ballbusting enthuasists rejoice, as this gorgeous sadist hands out wicked ball torture.