Sunday, July 18, 2010

Session Form

I am honored that I have gotten a number of session requests since going independent. I have been so spoiled by my regular play partners that I have hardly ventured to play with new people. I finally decided to be more open to taking on new clients, on the off chance that I'll find someone new that I have good chemistry with. I have never been good at email, so to ensure that new potential clients make it past the first email stage, I decided to make a session form.

If you are interested in a session with me, please copy and paste the following into an email with your responses. For all inquiries, my email is .
I you need to ask ME a ton of questions, then you probably haven't done your research on me and should do that before contacting me for a session.

How you would describe yourself: masochist, submissive, fetishist, switch, or other

Your level of experience: novice, intermediate, advanced.

The type of dynamic you enjoy during a scene: strict, sensual, playful/exploratory, other.

Have we met or spoken before?

How do you know of me? And why are you looking to see me?

Mistresses you have seen before (references) if any:

Which activities are you interested in?

Which activities do you consider your hard limits?

Is there anything new you have been interested in trying?

My availability changes from week to week. Generally, I am available all 7 days a week, between the hours of 3PM-midnight. I rarely make exceptions for new clients.

Scenes I do not do: full toilet/BS, humiliation (verbal and public), role play, adult baby and age play, race play, cuckolding, full transformation cross dressing, nudity on my part. Anything not listed, you are free to ask.

I have a full wardrobe and you are free to request something, but only if it is an essential part of a scene- like stockings, boots, rubber, leather fetish, etc.


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